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A Solo-Friendly TTRPG of Demon Hunting and Community Building in a Dwarven Asteroid Mine. Inspired by the new school revolution movement, players take on the role of a group of dwarves who must assume control of a demon haunted mine, along with its accompanying settlement. Settlement which they inherited after the death of their distant relative. The game focuses on the dwarves' journey as they navigate the challenges of their new responsibilities, rebuild a new thriving community, and clear the mine of its fire spitting monsters. For more on Stoneburner, check out **Due to fluctuating global shipping rates, we will be charging shipping fees at a later date.
We will keep you updated through Kickstarter Updates for when shipping fees will be applied to your survey. Thank you for your patience and understanding!**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Books are Printed and Fulfillment Begins!
11 days ago – Tue, Nov 28, 2023 at 05:31:02 PM

Hey everyone, RP here!

So this update is going to be quick, but the books are printed and are already in IPR's hands. They've got the books, they've got your details, and fulfillment is about to begin! We're still on track for our Q4 project delivery, which makes me and the rest of the team delighted!

Dice Update

Jodie is almost done with the dice and is assembling boxes as I'm writing this! Though on the shipping front we got a bit of a hiccup. Our initial partner has stopped doing Kickstarter fulfillment and their shipping partner went out of business. The quick version is that there is no difference in pricing in working with them VS Jodie just shipping the dice directly to you all. 

Dice shipping fees were supposed to be handled via a stripe invoice sent by email from our intiial partner, but this won't happen anymore. I've worked with Jodie tirelessly to figure out the best solution. So basically, the TLDR version is that I'm looking at updating Backerkit to include the dice shipping fees in there, and sending the money to Jodie so that she can ship all the dice to you.

We'll keep you updated, but don't be worried if you get emails from Backerkit as I'm playing around with the configuration. I'll send another update once the configuration is finished for y'all to double-check everything.

Next Projects

I had mentioned a couple of next projects for Fari RPGs in my last update and your excitements was so beautiful to see. Truly! As a result, Galen is working on an MVP playtesting package version for Starfighter and we'll send another update in the near future for you to join the early access testing program!

As for Nightsong, I've decided to take the system for a spin in a smaller scope before committing to a full fledge book. 

So I'm happy to announce "Songs and Sagas". Songs and Sagas is a soon-to-be published condensed OSR inspired tabletop role-playing game of axes, runes, spirits, and legends. Play as fierce northern warriors as they strive to forge a new life in the embrace of an unforgiving frozen wild. This game includes art from Galen Pejeau and editing by Eric Lazure!

For more details about the game and to join the early access testing program, head over to

Going to Print!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2023 at 08:45:29 AM

Hey everyone, RP here!

I'm excited to announce that the books have been approved by our printer and will soon be going into production!

Next Steps

  • Once the books are shipped to IPR, we will lock the addresses. There are still a few of you who haven't filled out their surveys or have experienced failed credit card charges. Please make sure to fix those issues as soon as possible here so that we can ship you the books!
  • Dice production is still in progress. The forge is as hot as the great dwarven forges of old!
  • Digital fulfillment will take place on itch as soon as the books are shipped to IPR, allowing people ample time to fix their payment issues.
  • Once IPR has received the books, they will begin the shipment process.

Everything is progressing as expected!

If you have more questions regarding the game, don't hesitate to drop a comment bellow.

Next Projects

With Galen and the rest of the team, we've been talking about the next projects we'd love to work on at Fari RPGs. Here are a couple of ideas:

We'd love to bring Tales of the Burned Stones to print and run a crowdfunding campaign for it too. This prequel to Stoneburner has gotten a lot of love and support lately, and this feels like something that could be very fun to do.

Galen has had this idea of a game called STARFIGHTER where players would play as risk-taking space pilots going back in time to try to stop the universe from being consumed by soulless machines. Using the Breathless system, the game would involve players dropping physical dice on an actual ship-visor-themed paper sheet to track enemies and wingmen. Playtesting is underway and it's truly a unique experience.

We've also been talking about another concept we're calling NIGHTSONG, a game about insectoid sword fighters, ghosts and sorcerers against the backdrop of a crumbling empire and an uncertain future. This one would use a new system we're trying to refine that takes inspiration from the NSR movement but with a new and exciting spin! 

I'm leaving a couple of images below to give you an idea of what those two new projects are about. Tell us what you think in the comments!

Locking orders in 24h
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 09:10:35 AM

Hey everyone, RP here!

Quick update to tell y'all that orders will be locked on Backerkit in less 24h! If you have any updates you wish to do before then (like updating your address, adding a set of dice, etc) now is the time.

On our end, here's what we've been up to and what's next for the project👇

  • We've ordered another set of proof copies, just to be 100% sure that they look as perfect as possible.
  • In ~24h, orders will be locked
  • Soon after that, we'll charge the cards to collect shipping fees, add-ons, and pre-orders.
  • Then, we'll print all the books and ship them to IPR, our fulfillment partner.
  • IPR will receive all your order details and will ship you the books.
  • While the physical fulfillment happens, we'll start the digital distribution via

Related to the premium dice sets, Jodie's still working very hard on them as there are a lot to make 🔥 See below, a status update from her that she recently posted on Threads.

I also included a flip through video of the proof copies directly here for y'all to enjoy.

A Personal Note

I hope you all know how much your support means to us. Being seen and heard is extremely hard for independent creators such as us. Which is why your trust is something we take very seriously. We really want to make sure we can live up to it by delivering you this project in time, and more.

You've seen me link here our other social media platform links like Instagram, Facebook, Bluesky, etc. in recent updates. That's mostly because Twitter was our main way of being seen out there. The main way for us to talk and sell our games. Since the latest changes on Twitter, it's been near impossible to get any kind of interaction there, and it has had a direct impact on sales and visibility.

Our latest release post got fewer interactions now with us at 2500 followers than when we had 100.

In the last two weeks, there has been a lot of fun activity on Threads from the TTRPG Community, so Galen, myself, and the rest of the team made accounts over there. They also recently added a web app, search features, an edit button, and more. There's quite a wholesome TTRPG community on Threads at the moment, and we're excited to see how it will grow.

If you love our work, go give us a follow at ❤️

Now, hoping you all have a fantastic week and if you have any questions, drop them below!

Images & Videos

Jodie talking about the Stoneburner dice on Threads

Shipping Cost and Locking Down Surveys
2 months ago – Fri, Oct 06, 2023 at 04:43:29 PM

Hey everyone, RP here with a very important update.

I've just received the proof copies of Stoneburner, and they look... absolutely amazing.

If you want to see what they look like, I've shared a flip-through video on the Fari RPGs Facebook and Instagram. While you're at it, give my pages a follow!

➤ View on Facebook at

➤ View on Instagram at

Next Steps

I'm currently doing one last revision pass to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be, and then I'll order the final copies for all of you. You should have also received an email from BackerKit informing you of how much shipping will cost in case you ordered the physical copies.

Something worth mentioning is that: 🇨🇦 SHIPPING PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS 🇨🇦

➤ Review your survey at:

Locking Surveys

I'll wait one week or so from now, and then I will lock the BackerKit surveys. This means you will have 48 hours to change your information before your credit card is charged, and we start the fulfillment process. This should give us a whole 3 months to print and ship all the books, which makes us right on time with our Q4 2023 estimates.

Digital Copies

Once the surveys are locked, and after my wife has given birth, I’ll create the itch page for Stoneburner and email everyone who got the digital or physical pledges with their itch keys. As for the Role App integration, it will happen later this year.

The Dice Sets

Jodie is currently full steam ahead, forging all the premium dice sets that have been ordered so far. You now have only one week left to add a set to your order.

➤ Add a premium dice set to your order at

One Last Thing

That’s it for now. For fans of solo RPGs, I recently remastered my solo Breathless game of exploration and survival Nomadic. The remastered edition now features beautiful art by our dear Galen Pejeau, streamlined mechanics, and is available in a new condensed format.

➤ Check out Nomadic at

As usual, if you have any comments, write them down below or send me a message at

Locking (Some) survey Answers and General Updates
3 months ago – Wed, Sep 13, 2023 at 09:32:26 AM

Hey everyone, RP here!

Just wanted to give you a small update regarding where we are regarding the campaign.

Community Proofreading Process

Initially, I thought only some of you would send us minor typos and such, but you all did way more than that. Many of you actually went through the whole book and helped us highlight typos, inconsistencies, phrasing issues, layout issues, and so much more.

This has been a tremendous help but has also taken a bit more time than anticipated. We're still on track for the delivery of Q4 2023, though, so no worries there.

I'll be waiting until the end of the week before ordering the proof copies to give a bit more time to the amazing community members who've been helping us, and then I'll be sharing the pictures of what the book looks like when I get them.

Locking "Nickname" Survey Answers

In the Backerkit survey, we asked if you wanted to be credited in the book and, if so, which name you'd like us to use. To keep the project on track, I'm going to be exporting the latest survey results this Friday, the 15th of September, and incorporating them in the book before ordering proof copies.

If you do not fill out your answer for this question by then, there's a high chance your name won't be credited in the first print run of the book.

Fully Locking Surveys

Once I get the proof copies, I will be contacting our distribution partner (IPR) to get the latest shipping prices. Once I've configured the prices in Backerkit, Backerkit is going to notify you about the possible shipping fees for your order. Shortly after, I'll activate the "Lock order with final notice” feature, which is going to give you 48h to update any information in Backerkit before your cards get debited and everything is locked for good.


Our dice artisan just came back from a busy couple of weeks going to various cons in the UK but is soon going to start the work on the dice you all picked up on Backerkit. Stay tuned for more on that front!

One Last Thing…

Alright, that's it for now. Just one thing I don't think I mentioned (or maybe I did?) is that my wife and I are expecting our second child in October, and there may be a delay in my responses when the baby arrives. Not to worry, though. We have many people on the team and the project timeline has factored this in from the get go. But I thought I'd be upfront about this, since I'm usually the person doing most of the talking for this campaign ^^

Have a good time zone, and talk to y’all soon! As always, if you have any questions drop us a comment below or email me at